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What is Success?

My meaning of the word is and was and will always be closely tied to my age, my mindset, my values at this given point in my life.  For instance success for me:

at age 5 was learning how to tie my own shoelaces
at age 10 was being an age that had 2 numbers in it and having a party with friends at McDonald’s
at 16 it was getting my license, after two attempts

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Hand to pinky swear. Happy friendship pinky promise together for love concept.
Hand to pinky swear. Happy friendship pinky promise together for love concept.

Pinky Promises and Real Commitment

To this day, after 53 years of life, I still make pinky promises.  Yes, I’m talking about the ones you used to make in elementary school.  While I may only make these with my son, my friends, my family I am fond of them.  They symbolize a promise that cannot be broken.  Are there any other kinds of promises?  (Politicians aside).

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Where the MAGIC Is

There is so much uncertainty and I believe in times of uncertainty we have to make choices.  You can gravitate to the non-stop news which while informative more than an hour or so a day will likely only increase your fear, paranoia etc.   You can sit on the couch and spend hours watching movies, shows, etc. and fall into sloth-mode.  I like to say everything in moderation is fine but it’s best to focus on the opportunities and love you see around you.

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Love in the Time of Corona

I’m sitting on a rooftop in Quintana Roo, Mexico overlooking mangrove forests, the blue turquoise Caribbean Sea close to where it meets the Gulf of Mexico, sipping on a latte and excited for the ceviche lunch we’ll have soon.  I think I could retire here.  Actually not sure about the retiring part, I love what I do too much but I could definitely winter here forever.

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Changing your Business Name

Have you been questioning whether or not to change your business name or your brand?  It’s a big decision and we understand that first hand. We’ve been deliberating on this one for 10 years + since the day I launched Motherhood Incorporated Canada December of 2008.  I always wondered about our name.  Finally, OMG is really all I can say,   it’s done

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Zoom, zoom, zoom. Here comes M!NC 3.0

It started with a BANG! and :

a contract with The Old Brewery Mission.  It was a huge site and one that we were really proud of.  
over 240 women looking for contract based work and a commitment to alternative employment for women
M!NC offering absolutely any service that could be done virtually with our team located all over North America and beyond

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