Lights, Camera, Action!

December 26, 2019
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December 26, 2019 mincmagic

When I think of the words “Lights, Camera, Action”, I think of the world of film and also about the story of my life.  My film.  I also think about being productive. I think, hey, I’m 53 now.  The film is rolling, so what do I want to happen next in this story of mine?  

I had a sobering year of close family members becoming ill and incapacitated.  Each handled their situation differently and I am completely supportive of people choosing their futures.  The process has been frightening, inspiring, infuriating and eye-opening.  I have always been one to live in the moment, been aware that life can be shorter than one anticipates and yet I think we often think “I’ll do that when I retire”, or “That is on my bucket list”.  Now, more than ever, I am focussed or focused on living each day.  A song by Elvis Presley is humming in my mind. 

It’s Now or Never

I am thinking about what is now or never for me: 

  • Lights: Getting serious about my health and wellness.  I MUST shine the light on that.  I know that changes today in my 50’s will help me significantly in my 70’s.  This means more sleep, more balance and more movement.  
  • Camera: 100% commitment to spending time south each winter with my co-founder Nancy and offering women’s workation to other entrepreneurs and daily gratitude for all that I have in my life.
  • Action: If I have learnt one thing about myself it’s that inertia=depression and action = productivity = pure joy.  So this means I have to act on, uncover and commit to myself.  

How about you?

  • Lights:  What parts of yourself, what dreams have you pushed aside, or been waiting to do for the right time?   Is there a way to get that onto your big screen now?  
  • Camera: What are you ready to commit to?  What snapshots do you want to make memories of this year?  What about this lifetime?  
  • Action:  How can you act on any of this?  How can you not?  Try to take a baby step….  start with a latte or a glass of wine and writing down your future film.  Who are the characters in it?  Where does the film take place?  How does it make you feel?  

Award Time 

  • Award yourself the time and space to figure this out now.  Figure out what you want your film to be. Remember we have a finite amount of scenes in our films.  Make them count.  If this were the Academy Awards, would you be up for best actress or best actor?  Did you play your part to the best of your ability?  
  • It may not be easy to put into play what you want to happen but somehow the harder it is the more rewarding it is.  Struggling through it, sharing that struggle with others, is all part of it.  It is a great reminder how how much we want something, how similar we all can be and provides real clarity.  

Share your “film” with us?  My 2020 scene involves learning about podcasting, several trips, less work time and more balance.  It includes some delicious glasses of wine with excellent food, laughter with friends, poignant moments and the feeling of fullness.  Full love, full nature, full deep breathing and crystal clarity.  After all….it’s 2020!  Get clear with us.  


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