Love in the Time of Corona

March 12, 2020
March 12, 2020 mincmagic

I’m sitting on a rooftop in Quintana Roo, Mexico overlooking mangrove forests, the blue turquoise Caribbean Sea close to where it meets the Gulf of Mexico, sipping on a latte and excited for the ceviche lunch we’ll have soon.  I think I could retire here.  Actually not sure about the retiring part, I love what I do too much but I could definitely winter here forever.

Yes I’m on a Catapult Catalyst program and loving the work and the environment.   What we do on the program is magical.  For us and for our clients.  The energy, the intensity, the flow.  It all comes together and creates an opportunity for soaring.  Mindset it at the core of this.  For today’s mindset mantra we used Deepak’s quote below.

Through the law of pure potentiality,
I can create anything,
anytime, anywhere!!
Deepak Chropra– 21 days of Abundance Meditation 

I love this.  I believe this.  So, what am I going on about…?  Where am I going with all this stuff I talk about all the time?

Maintaining Mindset in a time of Mayhem

The phone is ringing.  The texts are pinging.  The Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger notifications on supersonic interruption mode. Most of it is Coronavirus related.  Most of it is fear, frenetic anxiety and growing pandemonium.  I am not advocating to not take this seriously.  I am advocating calm, respect and understanding instead of racing into stocking up on toilet paper??, instead of being glued to the news that propagates the panic more than shares the information on how to contain it, what to do, etc.

Love not fear

What if we thought of love in a time of Corona?  What would that look like?  How would we all be feeling now if that permeated the news and mindset?  How can I take my commitment to mindset and apply it here so that the fear, the negativity, the naysayers dissipate? Here’s some things I’m doing:

  • When fear gets too big it sends me into a paralysis.  The 100% effective antidote is movement.  Even if it means I take a moment to breathe, step away and break down each task I have to do into baby steps.  When I do nothing, inertia sets in, anxiety sets in.  So what can you continue to do?  What can you take steps in that will make you feel productive, feel as though you are contributing instead of sitting there waiting for the next bit of news that will maintain that fear?  Move forward.  Stick to your plans.  You may need to alter them do so but try to take a macro look at the entire picture.  We are not in Italy and we are not in China.  Yes we can learn from their situation and experience but we do have to apply that to our situation.
  • Be of service.  When I feel my worst the very best thing I can do is be of service.  Helping someone truly helps me.  Whether it is work related or personal related is irrelevant.  Who can you help?  How can you help?
  • Eliminate, limit the source of the anxiety.  Is it your brother/sister/colleague/partner who is sending you every tidbit of updates?  Is it your listening/watching/seeking out the source yourself?  Can you say to yourself, I will find out one daily update otherwise zero in on my purpose?

This may seem very simple….espousing self-help b.s. at a time that the stock market plummets, my friend’s family are stuck in Italy, a client has lost a contract and more.  I like to still consider that challenges are also opportunities to make changes, to improve ourselves, our processes.  I see it as a time to come together and remember how blessed we are.  I live in a country where people are stockpiling toilet paper and has the largest supply of freshwater.  I “pray” for people who do not have drinking water, who do not have immunizations to major diseases where vaccines exist.  I look at the good news here… Israel found a vaccine today.  What good news will tomorrow bring?

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  1. I soooo agree. You took the words right out of my mouth. Looks like a post I did earlier on Instagram. It’s not easy, it looks like the end of the world, but your last sentence really gives hope!
    Thanks you & please have a margarita on the beach for me with Ceviche!!!

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