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March 25, 2020
Posted in Mindset
March 25, 2020 mincmagic

Every workday, I feel the magic. That is only part of why I’m a self-confessed workaholic.  What do I mean by the magic?  It’s THE moment when you FEEL that alignment, when you GET that client, when you produce THAT work, when you get the chills because you KNOW you are ON.  The exchange of ideas, interaction with the team and flow is truly something I feel forever blessed to experience.   It’s a very important part of our process and precisely why when we rebranded in the spring of 2019 we changed our name to MINC Magic.

Those who don’t believe
In magic,
Will never, find it.
~Roald Dahl

In times of uncertainty we have to make choices

Today, in the midst of Covid-19, (Coronavirus) I still see and feel magic all around me.  That is the mindset I want to connect to.  It’s too easy to slip into anxiety, fear and panic.  As a freelancer and single income earning household, I worry about supporting my family.  There is so much uncertainty and I believe in times of uncertainty we have to make choices.  You can gravitate to the non-stop news which while informative more than an hour or so a day will likely only increase your fear, paranoia etc.   You can sit on the couch and spend hours watching movies, shows, etc. and fall into sloth-mode.  I like to say everything in moderation is fine but it’s best to focus on the opportunities and love you see around you.

There are things we can do to move through this uncertainty, and our way is through the magic.

Where is the magic you ask?

The magic is in your mindset. It’s how you chose to spend this time.  While the world kind of shuts down, we have the opportunity to connect again on a real level.  We can chose to spend time online with friends, play with our kids, learn a new language, seek out funny memes, take on that list of things to do around the house we’ve been avoiding.  A wise therapist I met more than 20 years ago said, in times of trouble make a list of 50 things you want to accomplish in your lifetime.  Then pick at least one thing on your list and start doing it.  If ever you want to hear the story about my salsa and sob nights let me know…..

How do we plan to spread more magic and be part of the solution?

We are here to help.  I’ll be hanging on zoom a couple of hours a week for sure (I’ll announce the time before on Facebook Instagram, LinkedIn and some FB groups).  On Zoom I’ll happily answer any website questions I can….and can offer any digital marketing, brainstorming ideas and how to pivot your business or market in these times.

We want to help distract you, help you focus on your dreams, help you earn money if we can.  We want to help you get through that task list you can never get to as you are always working in your business.  Instead of spring cleaning your house, spring clean your business.  What a perfect opportunity.  And one more thing, on these Zoom calls, we intend to experience a lot of MAGIC.  Join me in the #MINCMagicZoomRoom.  The details will be on my FACEBOOK page.

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