WordPress is as simple as 2+2.  We’ll show you how.

Did you just launch an awesome new website using a WordPress platform and are eager to learn how to use it? Or maybe you launched a while ago and want to make changes and have no idea how to do that. Time to put that “where do I start” scary feeling away and get hands on training so you can do most of the managing yourself. Check out the weekly agenda for the hourly group call where we will use shared screens and a DIY (do-it-yourself) step-by-step process with actual practice.

“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand. Step back and I will act.“

Chinese Proverb

We used to do an intense 90 mins 1:1 training but our clients felt overwhelmed. Slow and steady wins the race and helps to empower you to jump in and engage with your site. Knowing how to help your business get found, add blog posts and other information/services/products, add images, social media links, etc. is a must. Remember that your website works for you while you sleep and is not a static tool. Like any retail store you have to add new, spice it up and interact with your potential clients…. to engage with them, keep top of mind be the expert in what you do. Here’s the weekly breakdown on all that we’ll cover:

Week 1 : Keeping your Site Secure

  • How and when to make backups
  • How and when to update your theme and plugins
  • WHY: my favourite story here is a client who called one Sunday morning in a panic “Get the terrorist off my site!”. On the sidebar of her blog she had a masked man holding up a rifle with Arabic writing beneath is. Her site had been hacked. While this is an extreme example several clients get hacked yearly.

Week 2 : Working with Pages

  • How to edit/add texts and images to the static pages on your website
  • How to upload/edit images
  • How to create a new page on your site
  • WHY: Your messaging changes, your credentials change, you need to update your professional images (or get better ones taken). This is like decorating vs. renovating. Just like a new bedspread refreshes a room, new content on your site does the same thing for your site.

Week 3 : Working with  Posts

  • How to edit your blogs
  • How to create a new blog & monitor comments
  • How to upload/edit images
  • WHY: Content is king online and so it is imperative to add content so that your site gets crawled by search engines.  Blogging is an amazing way to add fresh content on your site and to share your knowledge and expertise with your clients.  It allows them to engage with you.

Week 4 : Optimizing your Site

  • How to tag your site for SEO on pages and posts
  • Tips on keywords and how to get your site found
  • WHY: Make sure that your website has onsite optimization so that potential clients searching for you can find you. Learn how to write descriptions for your pages, incorporate keywords into your content and more. This is all about getting found online.

Week 5 : Working with the Menu/Portfolio

  • Adding/editing your menu/footer/widgets
  • Using your portfolio (if applicable)
  • WHY: You have a new service and have to add it to the main menu, you have moved and changed your location, you want to add a map to help clients find you, you decide you want to delete the home button (most people know the logo = home page).

Week 6 : Q & A

  • Send in any questions you have before on anything new or practice and review
  • Opportunity to practice live and or get feedback on images, text, seo work, blogs, etc
  • From how to use malware, delete spam, come up with ideas for blogs to figuring out the ins and outs
  • WHY: You need extra time to review, you want to be watched as you work as you just aren’t getting it, you have questions that weren’t answered, you want to understand how/your newsletter ties in, you want to clone a new product and so much more.

Start Up Training Plan

  1. Weeks 1-6 as outlined above
  2. BONUS: 1 x 30 mins 1:1 call

$249 or 3 payments of $100

If you have any questions or to sign up please contact us!

We’d love to share more and help you out in any way we can. Here’s what past trainees have to say:

“Being techno-challenged is often the last straw for any business owner when trying to manage/update our websites as such was my case.  Enter Dahna’s WordPress live tutorials to the rescue!  She demystifies the whole process of  managing our websites.   Her pacing and explanations are easy to follow and understand.   I found this tutorial so invaluable that I’ve signed up for the second series. “

Nazzarena – Founder – Avalon Academy

“I can feel the love in every single pixel. I could have never done what you did. “

Gabriela Embon – Founder – Coaching Academy

“The team is amazing.  I love Patrick….he’s a gem.  What a huge difference vs. working with Go Daddy and others.   “

Frances Michaelson – Founder – Frances Michaelson


“Thank you so much for all the support, great ideas, flexibility and kindness you extended while working on this project with us. We both so appreciate your generosity, and all your contributions that made this summit such a success. We truly appreciate you. “

Eric Antonette & Brandee Safran – Co-founders – The Relationship Summit Center


“Whenever I need to do some WordPress stuff for any of my 3  sites – I know what to do, or understand the WordPress logic enough to figure things out.  And, that is 100%  because of your tutorials that are easy to follow and gives bang for the buck so to speak. Thanks so much!!!“

Tina – Founder – Tina Jesso


“First of all I wanted to say how much I like our meetings. I feeling inspired and like I’m finally doing something about taking care of business. I really appreciate you, who you are and what you do for me. You have an awesome talent, Dahna.”

Enzo – Founder – Holistic Life Network


“Thank you so much for everything!  Year after year I am still learning… more so this year because I am actually applying some of your teachings…”

Johanne – Executive Coach – Johanna Pitre


“Checkout my fancy sales page you guys?! Miss Dahna, you did it again! Perfection!”

Genevieve – Founder – Genevieve Richer


“You may have a Ferrari of a website, now what?…Now you need to drive it with confidence! (I love Facebook but a website is another level??) Many thanks to Dahna Weber for the guidance and focus to jump in and get moving. Relateable answers to questions,real life examples and accessible format, a great learning experience. Highly recommended.”

Milda – Owner – Foot Pain Medical



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