The ocean is the new boardroom.

M!NC believes in the importance of drawing inspiration and energy from the environment, others around us and from within.  We know from experience and other programs we offer that getting away can clear the mind, allow one to tap inside and be super productive working ON their business not IN their business. We also know that winters can get just a tad long and understand how the need for sunshine and a break can really rejuvenate the soul.  In fact more than 10 years ago when M!NC began one of the goals was to create a business that could operate virtually so that we could work from Mexico, Indonesia, the Caribbean etc. during the colder months. And so we tested it.  Checked out the feasibility of a workation.  Time away where one could work part of the day, in an environment that is conducive to feeling joy, warmth, collaboration.  We were so excited by it and it was so successful that we decided to launch this March instead of next year.  Our week was made up of visiting several nearby beaches, a natural reserve we got to float down, swimming and seeing a crocodile, visiting Mayan ruins, snorkelling, eating yummy local food, dancing, and more all while working minimum 6 hours a day.


“And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later. ” Randy Komisar

Are you passionate about your work?  Do you love to travel?  Does winter get you feeling down? Are you wanting to travel but have no one to do it with?  Imagine waking up after a luscious sleep, listening to the birds chirp.  Climbing out of bed and sitting outdoors with your coffee or tea, fresh fruit and yoghurt.  Then working poolside or by the beach for a few hours.  Taking a dip to cool off.  Stopping to enjoy an avocado, tomato and ceviche lunch.  Some days you may visit Mayan ruins, others you’ll swim in cenotes.  Some nights will be delicious yummy tacos and margaritas. So if you are sick of the storms, need a break, and are ready to feel inspiration course through you, reconnect to the passion in the work that you do and get into action with ideas that will move your business forward, then join us.

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We will be 6-8 women all spending time working part of the day and balancing that with relaxation & exploration. It’s entirely up to you how much time you prefer to spend alone or with others enjoying meals and activities as a group.  We will organize optional group or individual excursions as well as dinners out. Want the juicier details/more info – send us an email here. Our 2019 and 2020 trips include Mexico and Peru.

What people are saying:

“It came at the right time. What I absolutely adored and loved, was the collaboration.  For me, that’s everything, it opens your mind creatively and you do things you don’t even know you can do.  I loved working and seeing from a different perspective, I loved that! It’s lonely being an entrepreneur, being in this environment is an amazing opportunity, the live experience, the feedback, the connection, I would do this again. “ Rosalie Levi – Designer – Rosalie Levi

“The most phenomenal experience, I think, of a lifetime.  I could have dropped to my knees witnessing the jungle ceremony, meeting that woman.  Experience after experience, it didn’t stop.  I didn’t want to snorkel, I didn’t want to go on the boat, as I get older I’m building fears but the team made us so comfortable and took care of us so much there was no fear. This trip helped remind me of the adventurer I was and am.   The collaboration was a huge part of this whole thing, the input on my project was awesome. This was SO much better than an all-inclusive. I was so bored the last time I went to one.” Sherry Nash – Sherry Nash – The Love Guru

“It fills an AMAZING need for women who may want to go on vacation and work from a sunny locale, but can’t leave their family for too long, AND give them some people to hang out with so that they don’t have to be alone. Throw in someone to book the room, guarantee some wifi, organize everything you may need and provide a table overlooking the pool or the beach where you can work and live the dream…..” Suzannah Baum – Public Speaking Coach – Suzannah Baum

“The beauty of this place is something else, I really love this place.  Thank you so much for all your input and help, the activities, it was awesome. When you get out of your comfort zone, your mindset shifts. I remembered what I am capable of doing.   I busted through my barriers. The ocean is the new boardroom.” Jessica Romano – Integrated Healing Arts

“It’s a packed week, we did a lot, I would travel with you anytime!   Everyone was so honest and raw and fun. It was everything.  The validation you get from new peers is great.  You get confidence and strength. There is something that happens to creativity when you are out of your typical environment.  I can’t believe how much work got done.  You come back rejuvenated.  So much so that other people can feel it. I know I can push myself to the next level now. ” Joelle Fhima-Berdowski – Catapult Catalyst

“I can’t stop smiling.  I lost weight, and came back completely rejuvenated with a new outlook on life.  I just want to bottle the feeling I came back with and share it with others! Our trip over-exceeded every single hope and expectation! ” Nancy Katsof – Founder – Divorce Direction


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