Top 5 Women's Travel Flicks

February 1, 2020
February 1, 2020 mincmagic

More than just a film, more than just an escape, these top 5 movies have had significant impact on SO MANY women.  They have redefined what is sexy, what is adventurous, what is love, what is self-love, and most importantly, what is possible!  They have inspired us, given us hope, given us a bucket list, given us eye candy and helped us find ourselves.  We’ve compiled our favourites and invite you to comment and add new ones in.

Adventure can be an end in itself.
Self-discovery is the secret ingredient.

~Grace Lichtenstein

Thelma and Louise

Given that Nancy and I call each other T and L we had to start with this one.  Much like Thelma and Louise this duo has experienced trips of a lifetime, together and apart.  We’ve had many road trips, (not quite as exciting as Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon’s  ultimate road trip but remind me to tell you the story of the bear sometime)!! Together Nancy and I have played with the law, loved and lost and loved and lost and loved.  I’m talking about people and places here folks.  This movie shows like no other that shared experiences and intense times while traveling serve as the best litmus test to true friendship.  Somehow what you experience on the road with someone is so intense that a 3 week jaunt can feel like 3 months or more.  This film also phenomenally portrays that feeling of sometimes wanting or needing to get away from it all. Know what I mean?

Under a Tuscan Sky & Mamma Mia

Forget about travelling, this one is about starting over and creating a whole new world.  Both these flicks have strong independent female leads dealing with renovating/keeping up an old villa, some spectacular moments of personal awakening and of course the needed Hollywood rollercoaster rides of men.  They are all about big changes, new faces and unknown territory.   The spectacular scenery of Greece and Italy are even better eye candy then the men.  Watch the trailer for Mamma Mia here. Watch the trailer for Under a Tuscan Sky here.


Did someone say Valentine?

Shirley Valentine talks about holiday romances and how her travels taught her to focus on herself, renew herself and come back to loving and respecting herself.  For Shirley that means not catering every second of her life to those around her and compromising so much that she lost herself in the mix of it all.  Sound familiar?  Shirley is a middle aged woman and that is quite appealing in so many ways.  I think there is a tipping point that occurs for women, somewhere around 35-44 years of age, when it all becomes too much (work, kids, parents, partner, committees, etc.) we break and realize the need to refuel.  Shirley shows us exactly how to do that.  Have you ever done that?  For some it is a spa weekend with the girls.  For others, it’s a big birthday trip with girlfriends.  For others….they are still trying to get there.  Where is THERE for you?  Here’s where it was for Shirley.  She was ready to become a libertine.  Are you?

Food, Spirituality and Amour

AKA, Eat, Pray, Love.  This has it all…although it’s a long one.  It speaks to our appetite for everything.  From food, to self-awareness and love.  How hungry are you?  What is your greatest appetite for?  Food…like really this is TOP of my list of places to visit when travelling.  I spend equal time finding the best hole in the wall restos, top chefs and local must try foods to experience.  As for the praying, what is a trip without a visit to a mosque, temple, church or ruin?  For me that is one item where too much of one thing can be too much but Julia Roberts makes meditation and spirituality look so good and one of the best ways for self-reflection and healing.  I did do a 10 day stint in Sri Lanka at a center and it was quite revealing.  Lastly this one has that love component as all the others.  There is definitely something to be said about experiencing some attention while on the road.  At the very least it can reawaken one’s sense of sensuality….and realize that there is no age limit to that.

These are just some favs.  Share yours.

We’d love to hear about your travel adventures and dreams.





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  1. Kym

    Boys on the Side! On our mortality, sexuality, struggles as women with our self worth, letting others define it and giving up our power and then we discover the power of women in support of women, in community, in solidarity across our differences, loving each other through it all and being all we can be.

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