20 Reasons to Get Away

November 7, 2019
November 7, 2019 mincmagic

Did you know that there are scientific reasons to get away?  Reasons that show that changing one’s environment can be a huge factor in stress reduction and an increase creativity.  Given that notion, the best item to pack in your suitcase when you do take off may in fact be your work.  We at women’s workation certainly agree and have found this to be true and want to share our list of 20 reasons to take off with you.

We travel because we need to,
Because distance and difference are the secret tonic to creativity.
When we get home, home is still the same,
But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.

~Jonah Lehrer

Life Work Balance Take 2

Incorporating your life into your work certainly makes sense for entrepreneurs.  We have all heard the saying work life balance and a huge push on balancing one’s life but this can be quite difficult for solopreneurs.  This is even the case for people holding full time employment positions/contracts as technology keeps us all plugged in nearly all the time.  When full time employees take off, they usual are just putting their workload on hold and then have to make up this lost time either before or after their time away.  For some, checking in for a few minutes or an hour a day may in fact reduce stress while away.   Whether you are an entrepreneur, work full time or have a project these reasons are only a few why it is so important to get away.

Top 20 Reasons to Take Off

This is about remembering to soak up the sun, smell the flowers and laugh.  When we do that, we are more able to focus on everything in our lives.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone, open yourself up to the world and new parts of yourself

  2. Brainstorm with other entrepreneurs in the sun, in the sand and in the sea

  3. Learn to be more adaptable and find creative ways to overcome obstacles

  4. Escape the damp grey weather and the freezing winter months

  5. Eat fresh local ceviche and mouth watering tacos

  6. Inhale the sea breezes, watch sunrises and moonrises

  7. Experience Mexican culture, galleries and colourful murals

  8. Drink margaritas, mezcal and mojitos

  9. Nourish the soul, inspire the mind, move your body

  10. Kick start your business or project

  11. Snorkel or scuba diva in countless cenotes

  12. Explore the ancient Mayan ruins

  13. Learn people skills by interacting as a group and with locals

  14. Lay in a hammock, unwind, let go and take the pressure off so you can re-energize

  15. Get motivated and experience a sense of purpose and achievement

  16. Awaken your sense of appreciation for all you already have

  17. Soak up the scents, flora and fauna (my favourite flower frangipani)

  18. Complete the items on your to do list that you’ve been avoiding and never find the time to get to
  19. Expand your horizons by seeing the world and people  in a new light
  20. Develop new interests and new ideas, read, write and listen

Have you taken work with you on the road?  How was that for you?  Would you add anything to our list here?


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