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October 31, 2019
October 31, 2019 mincmagic


Whenever we get close to a departure date we start our countdown. Around 8 weeks prior to departure, Nancy gets us started with her various lists!  Once we are less than 31 days to departure we get our daily announcement as Dahna pushing everyone to focus on their goal list.

First we have to excitedly share that we are 19 days out to our 2019 Fall Workation in Mexico.  19 days that is soon. Ya baby! There is something about anticipation that is so invigorating.  It helps to wake us up with a HUGE smile in the morning.  It helps you to be super productive and get things accomplished – nothing like a departure date for a deadline.  It helps you shine a little brighter and draws people into the energy you exude.   This is why the journey can be as rewarding as the destination.

The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting ~ Andy Warhol

So, what do we do in this lead up time? Well Dahna digs in on the work logistics and Nancy gets on her list making and rabbit-hole research. She’s been known to overdo it but it’s all in the spirit of making sure that all the little details are looked after. Like c’mon, don’t you need to know how many minutes it takes to walk to each and every restaurant in the town you are staying in? From packing lists to restaurant lists and lists of things to see and do, she’s got it covered.

  • There is the pre-trip list which includes amazon orders to secure such necessities as portable charging stations, pool floaties and inflatable cup holders.
  • The shopping list – all things needing to be purchased or brought along for comfort sake, you know like dark chocolate and mct oil for the folks doing a keto diet, items that are difficult to obtain or pricey like sunscreen and tampons.
  • Travel insurance and local currency, she’ll let you know exactly which money changer to use to get the best rates.
  • Her packing list with every type of charger and voltage you may need, packing cubes,  and at least a few items you would have forgotten.
  • The transport list with options of the best rated drivers (yes she scours reviews non-stop) that she then makes available on command while we are on workation.
  • The top 10 things to see and do which she ranks and plans out when it’s best to visit and how long is needed.

With all this being tended to it allows Dahna to hunker down and plan out the work time and prepare all the needed files to make sure the right life / work balance is in play.  Her ability to work on all forms of transportation including planes, trains, buses and boats is nothing short of astounding.  She helps everyone find work time you didn’t even consider or think existed. So often, people would stop and comment about our group working on “vacation” which was an immediate segway into us not being on “vacation” and how it was great to be able to be at the beach and working.  All this to say both us work with eager anticipation to get it right for our groups.  The planning is so much fun.  The reality truly mind-altering.


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