Sensuality + Self love =
A recipe for sweet satisfaction.



Work  With Me

What if you had everything within you to:

  • Light up the world with your confidence

  • Enjoy more abundance doing what you love

  • Feel sexier, simply because you are a goddess!

Imagine feeling good and living authentically and powerfully as a woman.


It’s all here for you and the rewards are sooooo juicy!


After years of experience, in-depth study, research, and working with individual women, I developed a powerful system built on 3 keys to transform your life:


Decode your unique style.


Tap into your inner sensuality.


Go deep into acceptance.


Decode the energy of your unique style. Wear what you love and love what you wear, and understand why. Bring out your natural beauty. Feel like your best self. Be Magnificently You everyday!


Cultivate a new relationship with your body, Tune in. Choose pleasure. Dissolve cultural conditionings and shame. Expand into more freedom. Feel delicious, divine, and irresistible!


Go deep into acceptance. Honor and celebrate the magnificent woman you are! Do more of what you love. Practice self care. Create beautiful relationships, starting with yourself.

These keys have the power to create incredible, lasting transformation. They are super WOW on their own…but combined, they can unlock and unleash your feminine power, so you can:

Live louder.

Love more.

Shine brighter. 

One on One

Magnificently You! Style Consultations

Decode your signature style! Your style transformation begins with a new understanding and appreciation of your energy.

It all starts on the inside, with who you are.


Style + Self love =  a wardrobe that’s 100% you.

  • Understand why you love what you love, and love what you wear, every day.
  • Bring out your unique beauty with your style code.
  • Get crystal clear on what works for you and makes you feel magnificent!

Sensuality Coaching

Because you want to :

  • experience a loving, connected intimacy.
  • feel more confident.
  • feel more pleasure in your body.
  • create more passion and joy.


I believe that our sensuality is key to our vitality and wholeness as women.

When practiced mindfully, it can be a physical, emotional and spiritual experience, involving mind, body, heart and soul.

I’m passionate about helping women own their sensuality. Love their bodies. Enjoy more fulfulling intimacy with and without a partner.


Individual sessions with me allow you to bring more light and ease into this essential part of yourself.

Straightforward talks about intimate matters can dissolve many beliefs and fears of not being ‘normal’. How freeing to better understand and enjoy your sensuality!


Sensuality + Self love? A recipe for sweet satisfaction.

Group Classes & Workshops

Essensualité’ Sensual Movement Class

Most of us move through life wearing invisible corsets.

Our feminine bodies are carefully caged by conventions and conditionings in being a ‘proper’ woman.

We learn to constrict many parts of ourselves.


  • What if you could unlace the corset?
  • What if you could coax out your inner Goddess?
  • What if you could unleash your wild woman in a safe, fun, delicious way?
  • What if you could explore essential facets of your femininity through movement?
  • Would you be softer? Fiercer? Sweeter? Sassier?
  • Who would you be?


Regularly practicing sensual dance will cultivate your inner and outer strength as a Goddess.

Sensual Woman’s Party

You’d like to move and dance in a sensual way? You’d love to be more daring?

To tap into your natural sexiness?  Oooooh yes, you’ve got it!

What if you could have fun learning with friends, in the comfort of your living room?

Sensual Woman’ Workshops

What kind of sensual woman are you?

Who would you be if you could bring every part of yourself unapologetically into the world?

A workshop to get out of your head and move back into the sensuality, power and fun of your feminine body. Connect with other women in sisterhood and safety.