M!NC Magic Makeover – 1,2,3 

We make it easy.  As easy as 1-2-3-4.  Whether you want to launch a new site and brand, or want to redesign and you want to get it done, and get it done efficiently, consider our M!NC Magic Makeover program.  The average site can take up to 10 months to build with the average being 5-7 months.  This is generally due to the fact that most business owners wear too many hats and are perpetually juggling what comes up and so projects often get moved aside.

This program will help you commit to getting it done and finally launching that new site and brand. It will make you shine and be bursting with pride.  We work until you LOVE it.  That is our goal and our week by week, step by step program makes it easy.  

Get ready for a real deep dive into your branding journey and business mindset!

We will be brainstorming and brandstorming, planning and marketing your brand and website while transitioning into a joyful, powerful, inspired mindset.

Imagine bringing that pile of messy stuff in your mind that you’ve wanted, know you need but have been stuck on and FINALLY getting it all straightened out!  We will:

  • Hash out the details
  • Figure out the who, what, where and why
  • Align and uplevel you and your brand so that the right clients see and feel you
  • Review pricing structures and strategy and monetization opportunities
  • Hit the low hanging fruit to gain momentum and tap into your magical gifts and passion all with a whizardly “GET IT DONE” energy

Here are the program inclusions :

4 Workshops (one per week for 4 consecutive weeks)

  • Live in Montreal  or West Island area 
  • Includes Mmmm for your Mind & Tummy!
  • Collaborative approach using 1:1 scrum sessions and group work
  • WHY: working as a group allows business owners to find synergies with others, get honest feedback and new ideas.  It also creates accountability through encouragement.  

4 Branded  Products

  • Logo and business cards design and print
  • FCP Branding Guide – fonts, colors, patterns
  • Social Media Covers – up to 3 platforms
  • WHY: your brand and brand voice is what makes you different from everyone else offering what you offer.  Differentiate yourself, be recognized and be consistent.  Become a Q-tip and not a cotton swab.  

4 Amazing WordPress Web Bonuses

  • If we build it…they will come and see your site including up to 4 ecommerce products/services using  Paypal payment gateway
  • Includes these bonuses: 1 year hosting, 1 year domain, free SSL and wordpress theme
  • Optional newsletter sign up, great plugins for security and ease and 4 hours of post launch work
  • WHY: you want to work with experienced designers, who know what  plugins are needed to keep hackers out, who know the best development teams.  You want to build a foundation for what you need today and what you can grow with while sticking to a budget, and you know you need to keep top of mind with your clients.  

4 Weeks + Launch 

  • Get it done, and done efficiently.
  • Follow the  turnkey unique process and simply show up to the workshops + 2hrs of weekly homework.  Follow the course and it really is easy.  
  • Leave week 4 with the first draft of your site complete by using the custom templates to help you focus on your brand, prepare your content and work through the website project.
  • WHY: Realize that the sooner it gets done the sooner your potential clients can see what you are all about and purchase your products or services.  Help potential clients searching for you find you. Time = money. 

+ Training Bonus

  • Learn how to edit your blogs,  create a new blog, monitor comments, upload and edit images
  • Learn how to do backups and updates, work with the menu and pages
  • Learn how to do some organic SEO on your site
  • WHY: Time to put that “where do I start” scary feeling away and get hands on training so you can do most of the managing yourself. Training will be online and we will use shared screens and a DIY (do-it-yourself) step-by-step process with actual practice.


If you have any questions or to sign up please contact us!

Here’s what past clients have to say:

“Thank you so much Dahna. I am very grateful for the rapid and talented launch of my website. MINC does indeed create MAGIC!”  “

Judi Blum – Spiritual Doula – Into the Meta


“Dahna…..your leadership skills are unbelievable, your brain is magical and works on warp speed, your clarity, your mentorship and all that love that comes pouring out. Everything comes out of you, the friendship, the compassion, the humour, it’s such a beautiful blend.  I love working with you…..and when Joelle and I were doing the card, and I was jumping up and down and hugging you, what a moment!”  “

Sherry Nash – Founder – Sherry Nash The Love Coach


“ Many thanks  for the guidance and focus to jump in and get moving. Relateable answers to questions,real life examples and accessible format, a great learning experience. Highly recommended.”

Milda – Owner – Foot Pain Medical


“First of all I wanted to say how much I like our meetings. I feeling inspired and like I’m finally doing something about taking care of business. I really appreciate you, who you are and what you do for me. You have an awesome talent, Dahna.”

Enzo – Founder – Holistic Life Network


“Wow, wow, wow….beautiful…. We are so proud…”

Jacob Lebron – Owner – HL Collections


“I learnt more from you in one hour call than I had in 6 months speaking to other web consultants. ”

Helen Xenidis


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