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Brand Review : $150 – special $100

  • One-on-one Zoom call (90 mins)
  • Review any existing marketing collateral or brainstorm for new brand strategy
  • WHY: If you have a logo, font, colours and more…well even Coke and Starbucks change their logo!  If you do not have a biz name, or colours or fonts, this is a great place to start if you are on a limited budget or want a one off consult.

Brand DIY + Review : $300 – special $250

  • One-on-one Zoom call (75 mins) + second call after planner completion (75 mins)
  • DIY branding planner
  • WHY: You want to get started, need some guidance and support.  Or, you have your branding done but have questions if it works, if it needs adjusting, ideas on how to adjust it and more.

Full Branding Package :  $1200  special – $950

  • You want it all!  Everything in package above plus 2 more calls (60 mins each)
  • You want it professionally done.  You want help on everything branding related. You want to launch or relaunch right.
  • WHY: All your needs at your fingertips so you are ready for social, know how to stand on brand and you want to show up with a great big TA DA!  Fonts, colours, custom patterns, logo and secondary logos.  The full monty!


Brand Web Deluxe : $2800  special – $2450

  • Absolutely everything in the Full Branding Package
  • A Deluxe English or French website with CTA – call to action, blog/resources, contact and more
  • + 4 more one-on-one calls (60-90 mins)
  • WHY: You aren’t fooling around.  You’ve gained the skills at Coaching Academy, you have your degree.  You want to hang your sign up; “The Coach is IN!”  Ready to start?  We are!
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What They Say:


“Being techno-challenged is often the last straw for any business owner when trying to manage/update our websites as such was my case.  Enter Dahna’s WordPress live tutorials to the rescue!  She demystifies the whole process of  managing our websites.   Her pacing and explanations are easy to follow and understand.   I found this tutorial so invaluable that I’ve signed up for the second series. “

Nazzarena – Founder – Avalon Academy


“I can feel the love in every single pixel. I could have never done what you did. “

Gabriela Embon – Founder – Coaching Academy


“Thank you so much for all the support, great ideas, flexibility and kindness you extended while working on this project with us. We both so appreciate your generosity, and all your contributions that made this summit such a success. We truly appreciate you. “

Eric Antonette & Brandee Safran – Co-founders – The Relationship Summit Center


“Whenever I need to do some WordPress stuff for any of my 3  sites – I know what to do, or understand the WordPress logic enough to figure things out.  And, that is 100%  because of your tutorials that are easy to follow and gives bang for the buck so to speak. Thanks so much!!!“

Tina – Founder – Tina Jesso

 “First of all I wanted to say how much I like our meetings. I feeling inspired and like I’m finally doing something about taking care of business. I really appreciate you, who you are and what you do for me. You have an awesome talent, Dahna.”

Enzo – Founder – Holistic Life Network


“Thank you so much for everything!  Year after year I am still learning… more so this year because I am actually applying some of your teachings…”

Johanne – Executive Coach – Johanna Pitre


“Checkout my fancy sales page you guys?! Miss Dahna, you did it again! Perfection!”

Genevieve – Founder – Genevieve Richer


“You may have a Ferrari of a website, now what?…Now you need to drive it with confidence! (I love Facebook but a website is another level??) Many thanks to Dahna Weber for the guidance and focus to jump in and get moving. Relateable answers to questions,real life examples and accessible format, a great learning experience. Highly recommended.”

Milda – Owner – Foot Pain Medical


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